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He inspired us to return

Le 28 mars 2018, 10:50 dans Humeurs 0

 Professor Zhong Yang, with his own burning life, perfectly interprets what is born for his mission. As the outstanding intellectuals, Professor Yang Zhong's sense of mission, fully embodied in the sense of urgency, in his career before the call that Time will not wait for me. responsibility, reflected in his active play for the education and scientific research institutions as a positive, hard working, diligence and dedication of the noble sentiments. Professor Zhong Yang's sense of mission comes from his early heart and dream as an intellectual. For a scientist and a university professor, his biggest ambition is to put his education and research career in the highest position and strive for it in order of value. It is a sense of mission that drives

him to the extreme in every job and in every specific job. In his heart, he calmly abandon promising deputy director level positions, starting again in a new place to a new position, choose a cannot be both hard and dangerous tall on the road of scientific research paper published in the snow covered plateau, about 500000 km trek, to fill the gaps in the world without Tibet seed Germplasm Resources the. Professor Zhong Yang is an excellent mirror for every person who has lost his heart in the face of interest considerations. With the life course of 53 years old, he set up a benchmark for us to examine his heart and examine his own value orientation, which inspires us to return to the first heart. The sense of mission of Professor Zhong Yang is reflected in the spirit of big me and deep to real family feelings in his heart. "Slim order in the world", "for the world heart, and for Shengmin destiny to continue to the holy secret, for eternal peace for", "first and worry about the world, after the world music, China traditional intellectual pursuit, today also need to carry forward. The last century at the beginning of 90s bell two couples abroad, with not a scarcity of color TV, refrigerators and other household appliances, but the unit needs a computer, copier; undivided attention to do substantive work for Tibet education to help him, University of Tibet National Natural Science Foundation of China, while the oxygen tube stuck while overnight changes application report, won the first National Natural Science Fund Project for the school. Professor Zhong Yang uses his words and deeds to write the contemporary intellectuals' responsibility and national feelings, highlighting the lofty social responsibility of a good intellectual. Professor Zhong Yang of the mission, is also reflected in his standing in the forefront of the spirit of innovation. Taking the reform and innovation as the core, advancing with the times, pioneering and enterprising, seeking truth and pragmatism and striving for the first spirit of the times are the spiritual driving force for our continuous progress and progress. Led by Professor Zhong Yang, University of Tibet has achieved a number of "zero" breakthroughs. In 2017, it was more selected as a "two - class" construction subject. No matter in which post, Professor Zhong Yang, with that kind of unwillingness to innovate, has left extraordinary achievements. Generations of intellectuals in the Chinese revolution, construction and reform contribute their wisdom and strength, and some even lost their lives, leaving the deeds capable of evoking praises and tears. The great cause of the future, more like Professor Zhong Yang as intellectuals Yong forefront, leading innovation, our predecessors did not dare to take the road, to seize the domestic and international innovation, add Xinrongguang for the new era.

The meeting of the Northern

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   School of home school co education and the establishment of the new education Specialized Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Institute of education was held in the experimental school in Liaoning province in March 25th. Forum to promote home school construction, boosting education reform "as the theme, the Deputy Secretary General of the Standing Committee, the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Central Committee, the report of new educational experiment Zhu Yongxin sponsor of the main vein, provide the direction and thinking for family education under the background of new era toView the human anatomy, explore several layers of depth, print, label, annotate, and export images with the 3D Anatomy app. .

  The core concept of new education: a happy and complete educational life

  Zhu Yongxin launched a new education that children's learning should not only be "ready" for work and life in the future, the education is the basic way of life, children today in school education, in the life and social ideal long-term service at the same time, itself should be a happy life.

  The new education emphasizes "a happy and complete education life". We hope that through our efforts, we can achieve the "all-round and harmonious growth of people", so that each educator can get the intelligence of success, the wisdom of integration, the virtue of virtue and the rich emotion.

  The new education aims to achieve the educational ideal by building ten schools, including Scholarly Campus, teachers and students, writing essay, listening to voice outside the window, cultivating excellent eloquence, and building an ideal classroom. The tenth major actions are "home school co education".

  There is a good family to have a good family education

  Sun Yunxiao, the chief expert on family education of the China Youth Research Center, published the keynote report on the "New Family Education Declaration" at the forum. "New age needs a new family education," he pointed out. "New family education" requires us to defend our family, respect children's rights, change the anti life education into love life and life education, grow with children, and even learn from children.

  The new family education advocates the cooperation of family, school and social cooperation. Home school cooperation is equal and mutually respectful and helps each other. The direction of the home school cooperation is not to let the family become a school, but to have the charm of the familyStudy abroad with PolyU and study in Hong Kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you. .

  The fusion of "genes" in the north and the south, "nurture" more quality cultural products to provide nutrients for a better life

  It is reported that the forum is sponsored by the Liaoning Education Institute and the Hunan Education Publishing House. The north and South cooperation of the educational and publishing circles will come to the ground in the future through the "home school network" under the banner of the Hunan Education Press. The school for Shenyang is free on the official network to open the "new parents school" module, the seamless link platform for childcare resources. At the same time, this forum is also the second national new family education culture festival in the north of the preheating branch. The main venue will be held in Changsha, Hunan, on -22 April 21, 2018. Cui Shoujun, President of the new education Specialized Committee, Liaoning Provincial Education Association, said: "many schools and family education associations in Shenyang participated in the first new family education and Culture Festival last year. The activities, adhering to the concept of new education, brought unprecedented social influence. Hunan's stubborn style and execution force also enable us to work together to organize the second Cultural Festival, so that more families can benefit and benefit the children, so that the whole society will pay close attention to the new trend of family educationAn established distributor like LF Asia logistics has their own set of organizational ideas that articulate clearer supply chain visibility and helps to overcome major challenges faced by them. .

Control Your Emotion

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 You must control and direct your emotions not abolish them. Besides, abolition would be antimissile task. Emotions are like a river. Their power can be dammed up and released under control and direction, but is cannot be held forever in check. Sooner or later the dam will burst, unleashing catastrophic destruction.

Your negative emotions can also be controlled and directed. PMA and self-discipline can remove their harmful effects and make them serve constructive purposes. Sometimes fear and anger will inspire intense action. But you must always submit your negative emotions--and you positive ones--to the examination of your reason before releasing them. Emotion without reason is a dreadful enemy.

What faculty provides the crucial balance between emotions and reason? It is your willpower, or ego, a subject which will be explored in more detail below. Self-discipline will teach you to throw your willpower behind either reason or emotion and amplify the intensity of their expression.

Both your heart and your mind need a master, and they can find the master in your ego. However, your ego will fill their role only if you use self-discipline. In the absence of self-discipline, your mind and heart will fight their battles as they please. In this situation the person within whose mind the fight is carried out often gets badly hurt.

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